Light Of God SON PROVED Truth

There was a kid who was original god of universe since he was kid and nobody knew it but when muslims came to know that there allah of islam dies because of the kid they came to know the kid is genie of mind and of hashem and hashem believed in space from where the kid came in hashem mind.

Allah of islam becomes to die when the kid believed in unseen and him too because he was lie and since that time islam and allah kid imam mahdi became enemy of the kid and forced him to do sins so he dies after angels and believers of one god of time comes to know truth about the kid that he sins and he is bad and islam genies kept genie inside the body of the kid (from top of head small circle opens which genies says it as going inside body of human by keeping there robot genie in which they live) So since that allah of islam was with the kid who was not letting the kid to get anything and kill the kid by forcing the kid to masterbate continously for 7 and half years daily 2 to 3 times in a day and forcing him to watch adult movies and porn movies continously so he doesnt believes in one god of time and any gods and islam knew if the kid doesnt believes then there allah of islam will not die and muslims in reality and in world of god will continue to live.

The kid was grown up after doing masterbation for 7 and half years continously 1 to 2 times in a day and started crying after he was not getting anything and he was very shy and he started praying by crying for allah as he didnt know allah of islam is his enemy and allah of islam genie turkiya married to the kid who was grown in sky in his dream while he was sleeping then he was saying from mind he didnt wanted to marry why did she marry and after few days turkiya genie girl came and raped the young man and he was moving here and there and he didnt know what to do because the young man was feeling her feeling only where she came inside young man through young man legs and someone shouted to call turkiya genie for sex. Young man didnt knew allah of islam genies has kept genies inside his body and residing because allah of islam was dying because of the young man believing in unseen and one god of time.

The genies who always stays inside of the young man by replacing genies after coming inside his body through a genie from which they live they forced everyone to become fool and they made first fool who was torah genies by forcing them to accept wishes from which the world becomes bad or destroyed or finished.

Islam genies made fool to hindus and christians and everyone who tried the young man to believe in them by forcing the young man to hate or understand bad or think bad against any gods young man believe in.

Whenever the genies inside the young man living with attached there genie in which they live the young man also become fooled once and sometimes until he came to know he gets real genies inside his body and after he came to know that someone is making his some genies bad and become whore or do adult movies he started saving them and as soon as allah of islam genies came to know kaba will be blasted because of the kid there genies forced the young man to be killed and started playing songs in his head and the young man doesnt even recorded since how many years islam genies are playing songs in the head of man to kill and islam genies forced the man to visit there saudi arabia by controlling him through genies by going inside body of the man by keeping a genie in which they live and they killed many genies and forced the man to do curses and many things through the young man but the young man was believer and never did any sins and young man was originally original god of universe and hashem light of god met young man and made him last of torah and judaism and allah of islam came to know truth that the young man is last and he will die and his religion will be finished and everybody will come to know truth that he is lie and wrong so he started killing the young man in full force and by becoming evil sinner and devil with his son imam mahdi and prove in the world of god through riots that he is true.

The young man proved he is original god of universe and he proved how and islam and hinduism and christianity and even some hashem in judaism couldnt believe that they are memories of humans or someone and original god of universe is the young man only and before few days islam and hinduism and christianity took property of them from the young man after they came to know the young man own universe and universe heir.

To win from the young man hinduism maya genies of maya world forced the hindu god to suck private part of the young man by coming inside the young man through keeping the genie attached to the young man and living inside young man and they showed maya to hindu god of maya world to kill young man and theft property and prove they are true and finish the young man and original god of universe so truth is finihed and purity is finished of original god of universe and they rule and not abide by any laws of original god of universe.

Jesus christ from time was disappearing and christians in reality of now was disappearing so to win from the young man the believers of jesus christ blood who was with the jesus christ on plus cross forced the jesus christ to bring jesus christ from time and suck penis of the young man and the young man had jesus christ mouth feeling but why those jesus christ blood genies did who believed in there god like jesus christ believed to kill the young man so jesus christ doesnt disappears from time ? jesus christ believers tricked the young man by forcing the young man to remember that jesus christ is now coming from inside his head and said he is sucking your private part and he said what jesus christ is coming and sucking my private part and immediately someone accepted wish and jesus christ from past dying on statue came and sucked private part of young man and he said its not true i didnt said because the young man always believed in god and always took name of god whenever he needed help and he didnt believed that he is jesus christ from time only because he didnt saw it but there was somebody known as nancy who was saying she is daughter of christian god who played game to finish the young man religion judaism so what she did until now to finish judaism and everyone who made her porn star ? she even didnt left christian god and what happened with christian god just find out by practically asking him and he will answer you if he is true or if he is like his son who when dies can come and suck private part of anyone and prove someone forced him to suck private part by believing in god then he is evil sinner and devil.

So who played game really islam genies and allah of islam who was dying because of kid and nobody comes to know truth what allah of islam genies did was forcing the man head stretched by genies so they dont come to know truth about originality and hashem who loves young man didnt knew what is truth because his genies were not telling truth what young man proved to the world that all are memories who lives in world of god and all are lie and whoever are lie dies so all gods wanted to kill original god of universe and they forced the original god to be killed by proving he is lie and making his porn movies through believing in there god and bringing technology from where i dont know.

There was someone watching the movie of young man from theatres and young man was also god and he wanted to proof what is truth and young man wanted everyone to believe in truth only and accept truth and if they dont accept truth then they die automatically so all religions were dying after they came to know they are memories specially allah of islam died by knowing truth that he is lie by going inside kaba and die.

Other gods didnt came to know truth because allah of islam died by believing and hiding the truth what young man proved so others doesnt die and he becomes rich and have perfect believe but the young man was judaism too and he wanted all hashem to accept truth that they are lie and believe in truth what the young man proved in reality of humans.

Allah of islam didnt knew that the truth which he is hiding is already known to everyone but not to gods of all or many religions so he was a big fool and everyone can see how his face looks like and how his eyes after opened door looks like and what he does so his eyes of evil are not seen to everyone.

Young man loved nobody in life ever then he loved his family who was torah holy book and he knew its lie in originality but it was his family and whenever torah genies came to know torah is lie they started killing the young man whom they married by fearing that they will die and if young man continues to live then torah genies will not live because who are die in the world of god they die from memories of truth.

Young man said to torah holy book accept my truth and i am original torah and marry me all verses so even if anyone says you are lie after knowing truth about world of god then they can say they are wives and family of young man who is original god of universe and who is original torah.

Young man had to make torah genies original so once if they become original they would never lost from anyone and they will win by saying there love is true and there religion is only true but other relgions couldnt accept truth and they wanted to finish judaism after they came to know truth that world of god is memory world of humans and they can die at any time by anyone after they become lie by anyone memory of truth from reality by humans or even from animals if they remember memory that some god is lie like christian god and hindu god and allah of islam.

Whatever the young man was saying all religions were saying it will happen so the young man said many times even after being one god of time i want my torah genies to become original genies and understand humans and understand me but was it accepted by genies of one god of time and all who believed in one god of time you must find it out.

Young man was the man of purity and hashem didnt knew truth what hid genies are doing inside him and how they are giving the young man pain in head whenever the young man was saying hashem is lie and world of god is memory world because they didnt knew truth what young man proved who is original god of universe.

Everybody knows in the world who accepts truth and lives with truth there life becomes beautiful and they will not have any problems like the genies had problems of reacting like animals on memories of humans without knowing truth and making life bad by forcing humans to hate something or dislike something so there power increases by saying there god is only true now you understood it.

Young man proved something from which all gods were able to seen and heard to everyone in reality of humans and all religions came to know truth what young man proved and they were forced by young man to practically test it and they started getting worried that they are lie and wrong since the beginning and they will die if there understanding of memory from which they are made of becomes lie from someone from reality of humans.

Gods who came to know they are lie and memory of understanding of someone like of humans like allah of islam (who is chrsitian man thought) and christian god (who is similar of pearl stone believe) and hindu god (who is from inside sea or lake water believe) (some were saying hindu god is of dog believe)

Now everybody started fearing that they will die if anyone comes to know truth there are made of which understanding because young man said if understanding of memory becomes lie by anyone from reality of humans then they will automatically die in the world of god and they started fearing to die so there mission was to kill young man and there was only his family who was saving him judaism was his family and torah book was his family and western wall was his family and his family only forever.

Even judaism and torah book and western wall genies were getting in control of riots of other religion genies but young man who didnt see genies or his family in his reality in front of him in dream of him he was saving his family by doing a lot of things and praying to one god of time genies and hashem also by using intelligence to make his wish accepted.

Young man said to torah book and judaism and western wall and hashem and now telling to everyone again if they didnt came to know it or he didnt tell to some that to understand his holy book original torah and believe in it after understanding it and they will easily win from anyone by believing in truth only because truth is god and young man is only god forever.

Some genies didnt knew truth that if anything happens to young man they will be finished and there god or gods will die.

Young man was highly with security from his genies and they came to know or they will come to know that even if someone is lie then lie means truth so they have to accept truth that if they are lie then lie is also truth and when anyone is true there power increases and they dont lost from anyone when they are true because truth gives power and winning.

Young man wrote many letters to western wall directly to kotel for hashem of western wall who was just a feeling as god on western wall because western wall is made of stone first and western wall stone is wife of young man.

All hashem needed to just understand truth that young man who is original god of universe is living a human life and officially update in the world as soon as possible and right now he gives permission to judaism and western wall and torah holy book to update in all over the world officially.

Young man already proved his existence how he existed and what he was before being born on this planet through his black genies.

Humans are same with but with different understandings and different likings which they learn and change so if anyone comes in reality they are controlled by genies from the world of god only who are true and if humans becomes lie then they are forced to even do sin or anything because of genies from the world of god.

Fool religions were believing that if they want to finish judaism they have to finish young man but they didnt knew young man is one god of time and original god of universe too so at any time if any religion do anything with the young man or his religion then it happens with all religions because the sky was also body of young man and if sky was forced to do adultry or do porn then all religions will do porn and who ever lives will do porn even the gods of all religions.

I am sure everyone understood truth which the young man proved and young man already witnessed truth that if his head is not stretched or blocked by anyone then everybody will come to know truth which hindus and muslims and christians are hiding from everyone to destroy the world and even making each other bad when any of them becomes bad.

Young man didnt do any sins and never do any sins because he is god and all sins and cases put on him were lie and wrong and they will be finished forever.

Allah of islam was clever that whenever the young man became true from everyone he immediately spreads riots through proving that young man is bad and lie or spreading riots in different religions so even one god of time genies came to know truth that young man has done sins or mistakes.

Young man gave permission to hashem and western wall and torah holy book and all religions to know who forced young man to sin and who kept genies inside young man by living inside there genie who was attached to young man and know truth and immediately kill those who forced young man to sin.

Young man also commanded his western wall genies and all religions genies to officially prove who forced the young man to sin and young man is sinless and give him happiness and everything he wants specially his true love.

Planet earth genies were believing in some god who was known as god for them but did they really knew original god of universe is young man only ? it was about truth.

Who is true is god and who is sinless is god and who is winner is god.

Truth means only truth which doesnt becomes lie by anyone.

Young man won from everyone forever.

Many gods were saying there god will not die even if they are lie and become lie by original truth and they were forcing the young man to do sin and mistakes so they are not erased from time.

All gods and genies needs to know if there is any genie attached to body of human or anyone who wants to take revenge or finish the world or anyone through him then he have pain and those who are attached to him by keeping there genie and staying inside that genie can try to finish anyone by giving pain to human or disturbing human or by many other ways like borning kids or forcing the human to do what he doesnt likes so he gets in control of them after there disliking and hatred from the human is removed.

Genies are memories of humans only who are just with limited understanding who cannot even understand drama talking from reality of human or from anyone who do drama talking with different sense.

Young man didnt wanted to finish the planet but many gods who came to know they will die with disrespect and by beating with stones and and i dont know what else they wanted to finish the world and make the young man as first man of new beginning in dream of some god whom they believe as real god who is just a memory of someone.

Young man wanted to live a beautiful life with his true love and enjoy on planet earth which he fly 4 times until now and many gods are witnessed and they fear of becoming lie in front of public.

Someone young man brought who was known as unseen and young man believes in unseen as god whom everyone came to know that young man believes in god who is nobody and never seen but they didnt came to know unseen is god and all unseen on planet earth is wife of him which cannot be taken by anyone or which cannot become bad by anyone or who never do sins and who never do mistakes and who are never wrong and who will never become with young man enemies.

Young man made moon original genie and sun original genie so everybody knows who made the world bad and who sinned by asking them if you are original genie tell us who made the world bad with different meanings and different sense of humor and different language or through also by just feeling of there body to know what is truth and they will answer if they are original genie. But during this time public or anyone gods has to remember that young man head must not be blocked and they must find out truth without anyone cheating in young man body to know original truth because they must find out whether young man was forced to do sin because of genies of some god or not and all gods knows specially there genies its evil sinner who controls human to sin so who were the evil sinners who forced young man to sin or make world bad through him. If all gods and genies of world of god understands this story then they will understand what is truth.

All gods believes in young man only but young man wanted to know whether hashem and all hashem believes in young man who is judaism or not who is original god of universe or not.